Want to Know the Healthiest Way to Lose Weight?

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Tweet People are always looking for the best combined diet and total body exercise routine where they will burn loads of energy and tone and shape all of their muscles at the same time. Following are a couple of tips to get you on the right track to release that sexy, sensual God or Goddess within! Read More minipille

Dance and Reconnect Your Mind and Body for Greater Freedom

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Women have been being affected by the way society wanted them to act for hundreds of years. We’ve come a lengthy way inside the past few decades, but  still, many women continue to  struggle with their inhibitions, keeping  them from truly letting loose and allowing themselves to be wildly sensual women . As a women we certainly have lots things to think about–bills, work, the house, the children, our partner, it can all add up! Add to that the reality that many women tend to separate the mind, body and spirit.  Sadly this is the reason why so many are missing out on lots of chances to really grow and shine as individuals. Theresa Stevens, inspirational dancer and founder of Lovelight Samba, focuses her Zumba dance lessons on connecting the diverse areas of our body–arms, core, inner thighs, etc and have them move in unison. Even so, our body is only one small component of the equation. The mind and spirit are just as much a part of our being as our body. They need to be feed and nourished just like our body does. As women we allow our minds to mull over conversations, problems and issues, working them over and over in our mind, so much that we will often lie awake at night, thinking about our worries. We obsess over decisions, thinking them to death instead of allowing our gut instinct to guide us in our choices and make positive decisions for ourselves. Dancing has that magical ability of getting us “out of our heads” for a while. When you were a kid, did you ever spin and spin and spin until you got dizzy and fell down? Think about how you felt: free and light, without a care in the world. When you were spinning, you weren’t thinking about that boy who pulled your pigtails or that girl who said your dress was ugly. You just spun. When you dance, the exact same thing occurs. You can’t think about what you need to get at the grocery store or how you’re going to pay that huge cell phone bill when you are busy gyrating and undulating and admiring the way your body  and hips move in the mirror as they shake with abandon. Everyone needs an escape from their worries and responsibilities and all of the little dilemmas faced every single day. If everything within your every day life is negative, the bad feelings just feed on each other so you get into a downward spiral. Dancing, whether you decide to go off to the studio to take a class together with your friends or remain at home to and dance along with a DVD in your lounge room, assists you to forget all that other stuff for just half an hour or so and just BE. So be that young girl who spins and spins until she falls. Wiggle and jiggle and turn out to be so in touch with the music you are dancing to that you do not even hear the telephone ringing or the personal computer telling you you’ve got a message. You can’t think about paying the bills or coordinating carpool schedules when you’re busy interpreting each and every nuance of the music with each and every fiber of your being. It is OK to take this time just for you. In fact, it’s much more than OK, it’s required. Go dance. Free your mind and spirit! And as you dance to lose wight your body and your mind will appreciate it. Tweet Read More nuvaring

What is Zumba?? One thing – it is Definitely lots of Fun!!

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Tweet Zumba fitness – a YouTube video on the basic moves. Start transforming your body today and lose fat with Zumba. Read More http://hallusforte.org/

Finding the Element Missing from All Weight Loss Plans

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Tweet There are a lot of weight loss programs out there, but they are all missing one important element. While they may promise a great new work-out regimen or a revolutionary diet plan, but these are not the secret to success in losing weight. Read More

Hey, Zumba dancers–learn how to shake your booty!

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Tweet If you love Zumba, you might wish you could figure out do those hip-shaking dance moves right so you can get more out class. Read More

Three Secrets to Lose Weight, Love Your Body, Feel Sexy and Love Your Life

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Tweet “It’s been my mission to empower myself and other women to love themselves and their bodies.”That’s why Theresa Stevens created this the fun and sexy dance program for women— “How to Shake Your Booty in 30 Days!” Read More

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight – Dancing for Pleasure

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Tweet Do you know you can lose weight through PLEASURE, instead of suffering, and still feel incredibly alive and sexy in your body? Plus have unparalleled energy look and feel younger (seriously!) feel comfortable and confident in your own skin feel sexy and alive in your body feel inspired, passionate, and committed take pleasure in your » Read More

Transform Your Body – Dance & Lose Weight

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Tweet Losing weight is hard, like me I am sure you have gone down that road too. Starving yourself, having meal replacements, vitamins to blast that fat away and working out. Read More

Dancing to Lose Weight – Positive Mirror Time is Really Important

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Tweet What do you appreciate about Your beauty,Your strength, Your natural grace and femininity RIGHT NOW? When you are able to find things to love and appreciate about your body, the way it is RIGHT NOW, you create a strong and grounded launching pad for your dreams. We all love to dance and move. So what better » Read More